Pool Fencing

Nowadays, Pool Fencing is a very important thing to prevent any drowning and danger especially for small children’s. The 2017 report shows that 291 people died as a result of drowning in Australia in the 2016-2017 financial year.  This is a 3% increase on the 282 drowning deaths in 2015 -2016. Me and family really wants to have swimming pool inside our house not realizing the danger that it might have. As we go on with planning stage we have learned that this could be dangerous for small children, elderly since they don’t have the 20/20 sight vision anymore and most especially if we’re going to have a pool party some drunk visitors might fall in and be drowned.

There are a lot of things to consider when owning a pool besides the pool itself.  Let’s say for example, we need to check the concrete material since it can be slippery when wet. By that being said, we added small pebbles around it to make it less slippery. We also consider the tiles that were going to put on. There are different types of tiles to choose from depending on your style.  As for us, we see to it that will be choosing tiles that is not that slippery and not too smooth but of course will look elegant.

After planning for the concrete and the tiles we decided to put on pool fencing. This would help us prevent possible accidents. Some people doesn’t want to have it cause it might ruin the interior of their house or it would need a bit of space but for us we have learned that it can also give some elegance on our house. That being said, we decided to put up pool fencing. I choose to have a transparent glass fence. You can also choose from different designs. There are some other designs like wooden fence, cable fence, stainless steel fence, modern timber fence, aluminum panel fence and even tall hedge fence. I kind of like the tall hedge fence as well but we’re running out of space. So we choose to get the glass fence, it’s a bit costly but it adds up elegance on our home interior.  

We put up about 5 feet pool fence around the pool so that children won’t be able to climb over it. We also decided to put on gate that have a self-closing and self-latching so that kids won’t be able to push it open.  It’s quite costly but it’s for everyone’s safety. We also decide to put on pool alarms this will help detect waves and movement on the pool so you would know if something or someone have fallen in. Putting in a pool at home is always an exciting time for the entire family but you need to consider a lot of things and decide not only for yourself but for your family and the people that would visit on your place. I believe everyone would love to have pool on their backyard but while planning I can say that it’s not that easy as I thought it would but I’m sure it would be worth it.